Amtrak (2006)

2006 Amtrak High Secuirty Perimeter Fencing and Gated Entry Design, Bid and Project Management Services


IMC developed design specifications and contract drawings for approximately 6,000 linear feet of 10' high security fencing and 4 gated facility entry points with motorized sliding gates, vehicle detection loops and access control infrastructure for the Los Angeles Heavy Maintenance Facility. The fencing is 1/2" x 3" fabric overlap. IMC Provided construction support services al the way through final acceptance testing.


Homeland Security Threat Level

Homeland Security Live Alert

Security Specialties

Barriers/Perimeter Detection Systems

  • Fencing
  • Gates
  • Physical Barriers
  • Waterway Barriers

Access Control and Credential Management

Video Surveillance & Management Systems

Intelligent Video Analytics

Enterprise Security Management Systems

Integrated Multi-Sensor Detection

Command/Dispatch Centers

Incident Management Systems

Facility Security Plan (FSP) Writing

Professional Services

Threat Analysis

Risk Assessment

Security Audits

Site Surveys/Studies

Applications Design/ Engineering

Specification and RFP Preparation

Planning/Programmatic Development

Drawing and Bid Document Preparation

Bid Analysis

Construction Support

Life Cycle Costing

Acceptance Testing



Operating Policies/Procedures