St. Johns River Power Park

Security Consulting Services for St. Johns River Power Park

Comprehensive Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments of SJRPP Generating Station, Service Support Facility, and Coal / Fuel Receiving Port Facility.  Development of Security Mitigation Strategy and Basis of Design documents with construction estimates.

  • Facility Security Plan (FSP) development
  • IJ Writing & Grant Program Support
  • Technology Research & Development



Homeland Security Threat Level

Homeland Security Live Alert

Utility Security Methods

IMC implores the following methods (but is not limited) of protecting a utility facility:

  • Use of technology – smart fencing, high definition security cameras, alarms and video analytics
  • Setting a site footprint and securing the perimeter
  • Architectural design elements (barriers/obstacles) to secure facility from avenues of approach
  • Utility systems (indoor and outdoor) protection from intentional or unintentional damage, tampering, and accidents
  • Safeguarding communications systems for emergency use
  • Building access control through barriers, keys, keypad systems, access cards, smart cards, or biometrics, as appropriate
  • HVAC mitigation measures versus the risk associated with chemical, biological, and radiological threats
  • Protecting high-risk spaces within the building - hazardous material storage rooms, loading docks, and laboratories