Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA)


IMC has fulfilled a multi-year contract to provide services as physical security consultant, providing JEA with Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments of critical power, water and wastewater facilities and enhancing protection via security upgrade recommendations, design support and project management services. 

  • 50+ Facility Security Assessments
  • Security Operations Center Design
  • Gated Access Point Design
  • Grant Program Support
  • Technology Research & Development

Homeland Security Threat Level

Homeland Security Live Alert

Utility Security Methods

IMC implores the following methods (but is not limited) of protecting a utility facility:

  • Use of technology – smart fencing, high definition security cameras, alarms and video analytics
  • Setting a site footprint and securing the perimeter
  • Architectural design elements (barriers/obstacles) to secure facility from avenues of approach
  • Utility systems (indoor and outdoor) protection from intentional or unintentional damage, tampering, and accidents
  • Safeguarding communications systems for emergency use
  • Building access control through barriers, keys, keypad systems, access cards, smart cards, or biometrics, as appropriate
  • HVAC mitigation measures versus the risk associated with chemical, biological, and radiological threats
  • Protecting high-risk spaces within the building - hazardous material storage rooms, loading docks, and laboratories